Rye Photographers

A. R. H. Foss  Foss Photography Studios

Alba R. H. Foss was the son of Elvira Holmes Foss and Haridson Foss.  He was born in 1856 and lived in Rye.  His first wife was named Minnie Brown.  With Minnie his oldest daughter Lena was born.  After Minnie passed away in 1887, Alba married Emma Hoyt and in 1900 their daughter Analesa was born. 

Alba was a popular photographer for the town of Rye and surrounding areas.  His studio was based out of Rye. 

Alba died in 1935.

Clarence Trefry

Clarence N. Trefrey was born in 1871.  He worked as a Boston and Maine Railroad photographer and also made an income selling his images of Rye.  Some of his images of Rye were made into postcards at the turn-of-the-twentieth century.  He lived on or near Cable Road in Rye.  Later in life he became somewhat of a recluse or hermit.  Clarence lived into old age and died in 1958.

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