How to Navigate this Website

Thank you for visiting!

Navigating this website is easy once you get the hang of it…  First, make yourself familiar with the right-hand side of the screen.  There, you will see a few categories of pages: Our Organization; Our Collection; Browse by Popular Subjects.  Under these three titles are several sub-pages: About RHS; How to Navigate this Website; Museum Photograph Collection; Rye Photographers; and a list of search terms.  


You have options on how you want to browse our collection! 

If you are looking for images pertaining to a specific term, such as  “Rye Center,” check the list of search terms.  Go ahead and click on “Rye Center.”  A page will appear with all the images we have added to this site that feature Rye Center.

If you are just casually browsing, looking to see what interesting images we house, simply click on “Museum Photograph Collection.”  A page will appear with all the images added to the site to date.  They are aranged in order of when they were posted.  There are many pages to scroll through (and more and more are added each week).  Check back often to see our latest posts!

If you are searching for an image of a particular person, you will need to find the search bar in the lower right-hand side of the screen (below all of the search terms).  There you may type in the first, last, or any portion of someone’s name and hit enter.  A page will appear with any matches or near matches of that name.  Currently there are very few names entered, but check back often as more images are being added weekly!  *hint* Any image with a person in it will have the search term “people” attached to it.  You may browse through the “people” images if you have no luck with the search bar.


Once you have come upon an image that you would like to learn more about or share with the community what you know about it, click on the number just above the image.  This will be a number with three parts to it.  For example, 2010.20.112.  Clicking the number will bring you to a page dedicated to this image where you will be able to view any extra information about the image that anyone has contributed. 

For copyright reasons, the images we have posted on this site have a low digital quality.  This does not mean that re-prints of these images will be of low quality.  High-quality re-prints are available upon request, for a small fee.  All proceeds from these re-prints will go to maintaining the online image catalog. 

Please contact us at with any questions.

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